Batch silo dryer MFS

With the MFS silo dryer, you can dry and store agricultural commodities simultaneously and in one device.

MFS silodryer Features


Even drying

An even distribution of heating of the grains prevents damage to the commodity by heat. The MFS silo dryer can thus be used for efficient drying of practically all types of cereals, oilseeds and grains.


Robust roof system

MFS offers the strongest roof system with the highest rating in the industry. This system is also used in the construction of batch silodryers MFS. You get maximum grain protection, excellent strength and reliability that no other unstructured roof can easily surpass.


Slatted Floor for Quick Unloading

MFS silo dryers have a slatted floor, which allows the crop to be dried during storage, and a built-in unloading system, thanks to which unloading takes place quickly and comfortably.


Lots of MFS Silo Dryers

The MFS batch silo dryer allows you to dry and store up to 600 tons of agricultural commodities at once.


Drying temperatures

Drying takes place at low temperatures of 50-80 ºC. It is advantageous to use waste heat, for example from a biogas plant.


Mixing system

The vertical augers pull the grain upwards from the bottom of the silo and ensure uniform and homogeneous mixing of the entire silo content. The air flow through the grain is increased by up to 33% due to mixing.

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