MFS Cone Bottom Bins for Agriculture

Unexpected variability

MFS Hopper Bins Features


Versatility and durability

The MFS silo with conical hopper offers versatility, quick assembly and a low price per tonne. They are designed for maximum protection of grains and seeds from moisture, so they are also suitable for storing more delicate commodities.


Operation under demanding conditions

MFS funnel silos are most suitable for short-term storage, eg between individual commodity processing processes. They are optimized for fast loading and unloading, so they are suitable for demanding operations where frequent reloading of raw materials is required.


MFS Feed Hopper Bins

MFS silos with a conical bottom for animal production are designed for storage of feed mixtures, scrap, granules, grains and other dry and wet feed for livestock.

MFS hopper silos parameters


Hopper capacity and angle

Storage capacity: 3 t to 1 300 t of grain
Diameter of forces: 1.83 m to 10.97 m
Conical hopper angle: 40°– 60°


Roof lifespan

Galvanizing according to the G-115 standard will extend the service life of MFS funnel silo roofs for up to 27% then G-90. The 40° roof pitch facilitates filling and maximum use of silo capacity.


Wall corrugation

The corrugation of the walls of the galvanized steel sheet 6.76 cm (2.66 “) increases the strength and durability of the entire silo even in extreme conditions.

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