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Dryer NECO
Flat Bottom Silo
Hopper Silo
Underpass Hoppers

Realization date



district Ceske Budejovice

Project Description

In 2022, a new complete post-harvest line with a total capacity of 12,600 m3 and a grain intake capacity of 160 t/h was built in Zabovresky near Ceske Budejovice. It is equipped with a NECO D1690CE grain dryer, two VibroMax JCM 10223 grain cleaners, six CHIEF storage silos with a flat bottom, a full floor and unloading auger system with a horizontal end, one hopper silo, three dispatch bins and two receiving hoppers.

Continuous grain dryer NECO D1690CE

  • Heating medium: propane
    Capacity: 25 t/h (wheat 17-13%)
    Power input: 25 kW

2x Grain cleaner Vibromax JCM 10223 C1P1A2

  • Cleaning capacity: 80 t/h

6x Storage Silo CHIEF CB 16-10

  • Galvanized 350 g/m2
    Diameter: 15.1 m
    Height: 15.1 m
    Volume: 2102 m³
    Full floor
    Unloading auger system with horizontal head

CHIEF Hopper Bin

  • Galvanized 350 g/m2
    Diameter: 4.71 m
    Height: 12.27 m
    Volume: 144 m3

3x Expedition hopper

  • Volume: 47.44 m3

Conveyor system

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