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The grain quality is consistently higher, which has the required higher weight,
and thus the maximum value for the farmer.

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Video presentation of NECO dryers

Farmers are always looking for the most efficient way to grow crops. They watch the fields when the crops are ripe, waiting for the best moment to harvest the highest quality grain.

Once the grain has matured, there can be only one thing: quality deterioration. Storing fresh grain from a field with a high moisture content causes a loss of quality and deterioration of the grain much faster than with grain dried below 15%…
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How drying works

Our dryer has a continuous drying system using mixed airflow. It evenly heats and cools the grain while maintaining the highest grain quality.

All this takes place with a minimum amount of fuel, and the best part is that our dryer does not clog as it has NO SIEVES!

So how does NECO mixed flow dryer works?
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NECO Mixed Flow Dryers Features


Air Flow

Belt Driven Fans – The NECO® multi-blade fan was custom designed to match air output with minimal energy consumption. A belt drive allows us to customize the speed of the fan to match the performance required to dry grain efficiently and fast.


Maximum Drying

The efficient forward curved blades used in the NECO® dryer scoop the air up and propel it through the grain with just the right velocity to provide maximum drying output.

Because the NECO® fan is designed to produce high air flow at a low speed, vibration is reduced, meaning longer life expectancy for all components of the dryer.



Screenless operation. No screens to clean, clog or change! No wasted time or money constantly unplugging screens. Average of 1-2 pounds heavier test weight per bushel than screen dryers. Savings that add up!


Modular designs

Easy to install with the capability to be expanded and customized to suit your needs as your business grows.


Efficient and ecological

The NECO grain dryer uses natural gas or propane as the heating medium, so it can use the waste heat from your biogas plant.
Safety you can count on. Flame safety relay and ignition accuracy.
Flexible operations. Multiple burners and blowers offer flexible drying options.


Commander PLC Control

Touch screen PLC with dual moisture sensing, tracking and graphing capabilities and alarm and troubleshooting assistance pages.
Optional remote dryer management provides web connectivity for total control of your dryer wherever you are for total peace of mind.

Propane economy and distribution of propane (gas)

Case study


Number of propane stations: 1
Number of storage tanks at the station: 4 pieces (2 pieces)
The total storage capacity: about 8 400 kg (4 x 2,100 kg)
The volume of containers at the station: about 20 m³

Heating medium

Part of the supplied technology – grain dryer is a device degassing liquid propane, so there is no need to build the evaporator station.

Distribution of propane (gas)

The pipeline begins at the major closures for regulating the gas pressure reservoirs and ends at the grain dryers. Linking dryer is made flexible discharge hose.

Propane tanks

Liquid propane is stored under pressure in the above-ground tanks. The tanks are cylindrical, pressure, steel containers stored above ground in a horizontal position. Equipment tank is made in accordance with the requirements of the pressure vessel stable – CSN 69 00 10. Each tank is mounted on concrete footings or on panels. Anchoring the tanks in the feet or panels is accomplished with anchor bolts. Tanking is performed hose from the tanker. Grounding tanks and bottling sites is carried out in accordance with CSN 34 and CSN 13 90 33 20 00 – 5–54.

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