Stiffened and Unstiffened CHIEF Bins

Optimum grain protection begins with CHIEF's steel sidewall system.

CHIEF silos Features


“W” stiffeners strength

CHIEF’s “W” stiffeners lead the competition in strength.
Chief Stiffened bins feature exclusive exterior “W” stiffeners that are designed to bear almost twice the weight of other stiffener designs. Designed to support the vertical load, the “W” stiffener system provides additional strength, allowing sidewall heights to exceed 100 feet (30.48 m). It also enables our bins to easily support overhead catwalks and conveyors.


Patented side draw design

Patented side draw design increases strength and unload speeds.
With Chief’s side draw system, load-out stations can be set up for truck or rail, or any other load-out needs with capacities of up to 40,000 bushels/hour (1020 MT/H).
Chief’s new side draw system reinforces the bin wall and directs the grain from the ceiling to floor. In-take openings also help redistribute grain to discourage bridging.


Strength and Durability

Chief produces high quality corrugated sidewalls from steel with a tensile strength of 70 ksi (483MPa). The sidewalls provided with 5/16 and 7/16 inch grade 8 bolts with conical sealing washers and serrated flange nuts.
Chief expects to be around a long time.


Reduced assembly time

CHIEF’s unique 42.4″ (107.7 cm) sidewall sections require fewer rings, seams, and stiffeners than the 32″ (81.28 cm) sidewall sections of competing bins.
When combined with our exclusive “W” stiffener, CHIEF bins offer unsurpassed strength while reducing costly assembly time.


Wind and seismic upgrades

Wind and seismic upgrades available.
All CHIEF bins are designed per ASCE 7-10 and can be upgraded to withstand the environmental loads specific to your area as needed.


Extended Warranty

5-year limited warranty.
CHIEF commercial bins are covered by a five-year limited warranty – one of the longest in the industry. Bin accessories are covered by a one-year limited warranty. For more information about our warranties, contact the CHIEF dealer nearest you.


Střechy 50K nepotřebují podpůrné věže a lávky

50K roofs with a 1,8m or 3,6m peak ring will support most conveyors with capacity up to 60,000 BPH (1,524 MTH). This negates spanning a catwalk/truss across the bin roof and installing an additional support tower and catwalk.


50K roof promotes faster fill times

With its larger peak load capacities, a 50K roof with a 12′ peak ring (3.6 m) will allow customers to use larger capacity conveyors for quicker fill times.


Roof panels feature "J" rib design

Roof panels feature interlocking “J” rib design
Roof panels are of high quality galvanized steel with a 2.5″ (6.35 cm) interlocking “J” rib design
for outstanding strength and reduced construction time.

The CHIEF roofs can really hold a loads of snow

CHIEF roof parametres

Model sila # Velikost vrcholu (m) Sněhové zatížení (kg/m2) Zatížení vrcholu (kg) Standardní Volitelné
CB12 1 146,47 7257 Standard
1,8 195,30 11340 Volitelné
CB13 1 146,47 7257 Standard
CB14 1 146,47 7257 Standard
1,8 195,30 11340 Volitelné
CB16 1 146,47 7257 Standard
1,8 195,30 11340 Volitelné
CB18 1 146,47 13608 Standard
CB20 1 122,06 4536 Volitelné
1 195,30 13608 Standard
CB22 1 122,06 4536 Volitelné
1 195,30 13608 Standard
CB24 1 195,30 18144 Standard
1 122,06 4536 Volitelné
1 195,30 18144 Standard
CB30 1 195,30 11340 Standard
1 122,06 11340 Volitelné
1 195,30 22680 Volitelné
1 195,30 22680 Volitelné
CB34 3.6 195,30 11340 Standard
1 122,06 11340 Volitelné
1 195,30 22680 Volitelné
3.6 195,30 22680 Volitelné

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