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Farmers are always looking for an outside way of cultivating their crops. They are following the fields until the crops are ripe. They are waiting for the best moment for harvest when the grain of the best quality. Harvest is a race with time. Once grain has reached maturity, only one thing can happen: deterioration in quality. Farmers know that storing grain from a field with a high moisture content results in a loss of quality and degradation of grain much faster than in grain dried below 15% moisture. Grain with less than 15% moisture can be stored for 6 months at 10 ° C without significant loss in quality.

Humidity must be removed and the hottest air flow is most effective. The question is: how do grains heat up so that the grain is less damaged? Previously, the most popular drying was the airflow across the screen drier. This dryer produced hot zones during drying, which was problematic. The sieves were clogged with dirt, the column of corn was compacted, and the flow of air was limited. Some grains were not dried at all, and others could be burnt because of the temperature increase necessary to dry all the grains.

The NECO grain dryer eliminates these problems and has a better ability to work under extreme conditions. The NECO dryer is efficient and allows farmers to dry the grain at once, thoroughly and without damage to the grain.

The dryer has a conventional drying system using mixed air flow. It evenly heats and cools the grain while maintaining the highest grain quality. All this is done with a minimum amount of fuel and without clogging, since it does not have sieves. Mixed airflow uses a triangular piping system to provide warm air and triangle duct exhaust pipes. They evenly distribute the dry hot air into the dryer. The NECO Mixed Flow Dryer uses less speeds of air flow, grain motion and mixing in the piping system. Warm air penetrates through a series of pipes and flows evenly over the whole grain column. This allows the removal of moisture from the grain through the suction line. The NECO dryer drives moisture from the grain even at higher temperatures without damaging the grain, yet it remains highly efficient. Grain is constantly moving from hot zones to chillers, so the grain does not stay in any zone for too long.

Operation of the NECO dryer may be on liquid propane or natural gas. When using the HONEYWELL burner and flame controller, you get the best in terms of thermal components, ignition accuracy, overall safety and efficiency of the drying process. The NECO dryer requires about 20 to 30% less energy to remove moisture than a cross-flowing air dryer. The NECO mixer is energy-saving.

Every season and every kind of grain is different. The NECO Mixed Flow Dryer can be customized to the external conditions of a com- manded COMMANDER system that meets all requirements. Each part of the multi-level dryer is controlled separately. The central part of our system is the COMMANDER with DryerMaster Integrated Dry Control Control. DryerMaster uses a double moisture sensing system. It measures the humidity of the grain upon arrival in the dryer and at the end of the drying process, the grain is dried to a predetermined and target humidity. With CommandNET remotely control technology, CommandNET has a unique access, control, and excitement to the drying process through a smart mobile phone, tablet, computer or other Internet-connected device. The NECO, COMMANDER control unit can perform adjustments during drying and generate alarms to alert the operation and automatically remove problems from specific areas. It is also possible to monitor the progress of grain drying by displaying realistic information such as input moisture, changing moisture during drying, temperature and output moisture. If the unit has a multiple burner system, each burner can be set individually for maximum output and efficiency.

There is no other grain dryer with mixed airflow on the market capable of adapting the heating and cooling of your grain. The NECO dryer is very exuding and each section can be used either to heat or cool the grain. The dryer helps to produce better bulk weight while eliminating harvest losses. With this drying, the grain will remain in the best quality and you will get more money from the grain sale.

Another advantage of NECO dryers are the extractors that work very much. The NECO Dryer is therefore reluctant to use hearing protectors. The dryer produces only 80 dB, making it one of the finest tumblers on the market.

Gentle drying of the NECO Mixing Air Dryers is ideal for soy beans, wheat, barley, corn, oats, rye, rape, sorghum and lentils. If you decide to order a NECO dryer, our representatives will sit down with you, evaluate your capacity during harvest and choose the best solution for your needs. Choosing the right type of dryer is very important. If desired, the dryer may grow at the same time as the farm operation. The NECO dryer is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle called a harvest, which must fit into the farm’s operation to make all aspects work together. If you are thinking about buying a grain dryer, consider all the factors. Also read what is written in small print. We are convinced that the NECO Mixed Air Dryer is the best choice for you.
Ing. Miroslav Kastner, FARMIX a.s. the sole importer of NECO Mixed Air dryers

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