ATC Předslavice (Čepřovice)


Dryer NECO
Flat Bottom Silo

Realization date

2013, 2017


Předslavice (Čepřovice)
district Strakonice

Project Description

The construction of the post-harvest line for ZOD Předslavice (Čepřovice) took place in two stages.
During the 1st stage in 2013, two grain silos with a diameter of 10.7 m and a capacity of 1,100 t, a grain cleaner with a capacity of 100 t / h of pre-treatment, 50 t / h of cleaning and a transport system were delivered.
In the 2nd stage, implemented in 2017, the NECO 1690 grain dryer was delivered and the transport system was expanded.

2 x grain silo

  • Diameter: 10.7 m
  • Capacity: 1100 t

JK-Machinery Grain Cleaner

  • Pre-cleaning: 100 t / h
  • Cleaning: 50 t / h

NECO D1690CE grain dryer

  • Medium: propane
  • Output: 25 t / h – wheat 17-13%
  • Power consumption: 22 kW el. power consumption

Traffic routes

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