Report from the seminar in Choustnik, 2018

Since 1998, Farmix a.s. to specialists in post-harvest treatment, storage and purchase of grain. It offers not only complete and technological units for drying, cleaning, storage of grain and other commodities, but also focuses on design solutions, studies, post-harvest line projects and grain storage facilities. We also supply our customers with the unique NECO dryers that are the most economical on the market. The participants in the seminar “New Technologies in Post-harvest Processing and Storage of Cereals in the US and Europe”, which took place on the last day of February in Tábor, were able to convince them of their merits (and not only).

Seminar participants met at the ZOD Podhradí–Choustník agricultural cooperative complex in Budislav, where they successfully used the NECO 1690 dryer. The implementation took place in two stages – the first took place in 2014, when the HUTCHINSON 6″ and grain cleaner PVT1020. Appropriate modifications have also been made by the transport routes. Last year, a second phase took place, which consisted of delivering and mounting the MFS floor-standing floor to four power reservoirs. The dryer is very satisfied in Budislav, which was confirmed directly by the local director Ing. Jaroslav Kazda. The weather on the day was almost arctic, temperatures dropped more than 15 ° C below freezing. However, in order to demonstrate the dryer in practice, the conditions are perfectly ideal because neither such climatic parameters – when most conventional grain dryers will encounter problems arising in the icy sieves – will not affect the precise performance of the NECO driers. The reason is simple – they do not have sieves and therefore no complications related to them.

After a tour of the Budislavice dryer, the program continued with a seminar in the premises of the Tábor Hotel Dvořák. Representative of FARMIX a.s. in the USA, Mr. Lee Case, was the first speaker of the seminar. He talked about the advantages of whole-floor floors in grain silos. Proper aeration of the silo is essential, especially to maintain optimal moisture, which has the greatest impact on grain quality. During storage of barley or oats for a maximum of 6 months, the humidity of the grain should be kept at 14% and should not exceed 13% for longer storage. Grain quality can also improve cooling, which can reduce drying costs by 10 to 15%.

During the seminar, a very stimulating idea was heard – unfortunately, often based on practice: “Once it reaches the grain of maturity, there can only be one thing in it, namely a deterioration in quality.” Those who decide to cooperate with Farmix, however, Scenarios do not have to worry.

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