Grain pumps

Highly efficient and effective economical transport of cereals and grains.


Hutchinson Grain Pump

The Hutchinson grain pump, also called also a grain loop, is a proven transport technology from the American company Hutchinson.

It consists of a system of connected rolled steel tubes, which form a closed circuit with the help of corner segments. The material is transported here by means of plastic ring carriers mounted on a fixed chain. It is basically a circular redler.

Two or even only one motor is used for the drive. Ingresses and discharges can be chosen arbitrarily as needed. Storage and retrieval takes place on a single conveyor. This system is simple and gentle on the transported material.
It has high performance, is reliable and very interesting in terms of price.

We can recommend this solution for storage in agricultural silos as well as for storage in hall warehouses.

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The grain pump can be designed for the following uses:

  • Fast storage is also possible directly from trucks, semi-trailers, etc.
  • Quick pickup (from one or more locations)
  • Turning grain in the warehouse
  • Easy integration of operations such as drying, cleaning, shredding into technology (inclusion of intermediate hopper)
  • Easy system expansion
  • You can add a long line of forces to your system
    Can be combined with traditional modes of transport
  • Easy system automation
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Hutchinson Grain Pump Parameters

Velikost (palce) 6” 8” 10” 12” 16”
Velikost (mm) 15,2 20,3 25,4 30,5 40,6
Maximální výkon (t/hod)* 55 110 165 270 490-545
Otáčky pohonu (ot./min) 124 94 94 83 63
Rychlost řetězu (m/min.) 99 99 99 122 122
Tloušťka stěny, pozink. (mm) 2,66 2,66 2,66 3,43 4,5
Tloušťka unašeče (UHMV) 3/8” 3/8” 1/2” 5/8” 5/8”
Průměr hřídele (mm) 38 51 76 87 různé
Počet zubů kola 12 16 16 22 19
Dopravní řetěz 81X 81XHH 81XHH 81XHH WH124
Potřebný výkon el. motoru dopravníku
(pro pšenici měrná hmotnost 720kg/m3) na metr svisle
0,48 0,85 1,2 1,8 3,3
na metr vodorovně 0.12 0.19 0.27 0.44 0.73
Hmotnost trubkového dopravníku (kg/m)
14,9 17,9 22 35,7 68,4
Plný pro 720kg/m3 28,3 41,7 59,5 89,3 198

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