Galvanized silos for grain – Silos MFS from USA


American grain silos MFS are made of corrugated galvanized sheet; their strength and flexibility allows the construction for large volumes of up to a capacity of 20.000 t per silo.

Silos may have air max perforated floors or partial aeration system of concrete aeration channels. Access to the silo is secured by ladders or spiral staircases for easy operator access. 

Devices for measuring stored grain temperature, measuring filling silos and automatic fans regulating humidity and temperature also included.

Parameters of MFS silos

  • Galvanized silos with flat bottom
  • Storage capacity of 30 t to 20.000 t of grain
  • Silos diameter 4.57 m to 32 m
  • Hopper Bin
  • Storage capacity of 3 t to 1.300 t of grain
  • Silos diameter 1,83 m  to 10.97 m
  • Angle of the conical hopper 40°–60°