Grain conveyors

We supply superior and proven stationary and mobile conveyors HUTCHINSON.


  • Used to transport loose materials, mixed fodders, grain in horizontal or inclined position.
  • Round or channel form.
  • Power 50 – 270 t/h

Conveyor belt

  • intended for the transport of loose or piece material, a smooth belt up to 20°-25° inclination, and packages (boxes) belt for inclinations 25° and over - (up to 45°).
  • These belts excel of gentle for conveyed material.

Bucket conveyor (elevator)

  • Intended to transport loose materials vertically
  • Not suitable for the transport of sticky materials
  • Power for grain 20-700 t / h

Hutchinson Grain Pump

Hutchinson Grain Pump
The innovative Hutchinson Grain Pump™ lets you move grain with gentle efficiency and at high capacities. It requires less horsepower than air systems and Hutchinson’s en masse (grain-moving-grain) concept causes less damage to grain and needs less maintenance than traditional conveying systems.
The secret is Hutchinson’s unique UHMW paddle, designed to keep your grain flowing smoothly and evenly from inlet to discharge.
These round, plastic paddles are spaced every 13", taking the place of traditional auger flighting. These paddles are notched to go around corners. Grain Pump™ owners have found a reduction in grain damage when compared to traditional conveying systems.
The closed-loop design offers the versatility to create a complete load-in/load-out system that also provides recirculation capabilities. One or more bins can be unloaded at a time into the loop. Reduced drying costs can be achieved with this innovative system by blending higher moisture and dried grain from one bin to another. Possibilities are nearly unlimited. Install the Grain Pump™ underneath a row of bins (see illustration), or in an existing in-line system, the pump may be angled to pick-up from conventional unload in front. The loop system may provide down-the-road expansion capabilities.

Chain conveyors
Chain conveyors are intended for horizontal or inclined transportation for bulk dry materials. The movement provides transport chain equipped paddles or buckets and slides along the bottom of the trough. Power for grain 20-473 t/h.
Divided into:

  • Flat
  • Kinked
  • Emptying flat (basket)
  • Emptying kinked (basket)
  • Two-way
  • Residue-free

Grain cleaning
We provide technological line cleaners from EU and Czech producers. We supply an assortment of industrial cleaners, from laboratory equipment to large machines.

*) For clean, dry, non-abrasive grain

Size (inch) 6” 8” 10” 12” 16”
Size (mm) 15,2 20,3 25,4 30,5 40,6
Maximum performance (t/hod)* 55 110 165 270 490-545
Drive speed (spin./min) 124 94 94 83 63
Speed of chain (m/min.) 99 99 99 122 122
Thickness of wall, galvanized (mm) 2,66 2,66 2,66 3,43 4,5
Thickness of the carrier  (UHMV) 3/8” 3/8” 1/2” 5/8” 5/8”
Diameter of the shaft (mm) 38 51 76 87 různé
Number of teeth of the wheel 12 16 16 22 19
Transport chain 81X 81XHH 81XHH 81XHH WH124
Required power el. conveyor motor
(for wheat specific weight 720kg / m3) per meter vertically
0,48 0,85 1,2 1,8 3,3
per meter horizontally 0.12 0.19 0.27 0.44 0.73
Tube conveyor weight (kg/m)
14,9 17,9 22 35,7 68,4
Full for 720kg/m3 28,3 41,7 59,5 89,3 198

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