From April 8 to 12, 2018, the TECHAGRO International Fair of Agricultural Machinery, International Forestry and Hunting Fair SILVA REGINA and the BIOMASA Trade Fair of Renewable Energy Sources in Agriculture and Forestry took place at the Brno Exhibition Center. All fairs were attended by 724 companies from 37 countries on an area of ​​87,000 square meters, the Brno Exhibition Center was completely sold out. Within five days, the Brno Exhibition Center visited more than 110,000 visitors.
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Report from the seminar FARMIX a.s.

Since 1998, Farmix a.s. to specialists in post-harvest treatment, storage and purchase of grain. It offers not only complete and technological units for drying, cleaning, storage of grain and other commodities, but also focuses on design solutions, studies, post-harvest line projects and grain storage facilities. We also supply our customers with the unique NECO dryers that are the most economical on the market. The participants in the seminar “New Technologies in Post-harvest Processing and Storage of Cereals in the US and Europe”, which took place on the last day of February in Tábor, were able to convince them of their merits (and not only).

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Farmix a.s. v USA 2017 01

Visit of USA 2017

From 24 to 31 August 2017, we looked again with our US customers. This time, the city of NEW YORK and the state of Nebraska, home of GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, and its NECO (Grain Dryer) and MFS (Grain Silos) factories, were missing.
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TechAgro 2014

For the first time in the history of the company, we participated in the TechAgro agricultural trade fair at the Brno Exhibition Center.
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Farmers meeting in Chroustníku

Farmers meeting in Chroustnik organized by Farmix a.s. and JK Machinery. Presentation, reconstruction of the post-harvest line, new NECO 1690 grain dryer and new grain purifier of Czech producer and leader in our JK Machinery market.
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