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From April 8 to 12, 2018, the TECHAGRO International Fair of Agricultural Machinery, International Forestry and Hunting Fair SILVA REGINA and the BIOMASA Trade Fair of Renewable Energy Sources in Agriculture and Forestry took place at the Brno Exhibition Center. All fairs were attended by 724 companies from 37 countries on an area of ​​87,000 square meters, the Brno Exhibition Center was completely sold out. Within five days, the Brno Exhibition Center visited more than 110,000 visitors.
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We’ve launched our new website

After several months of preparations we’ve launched a business website!
In a simple and comprehensive whole, we want to show our built and supplied technologiské modern systems of renowned manufacturers from the US. We rely on well-proven, high-quality and efficient products that are getting massive popularity worldwide.

We hope that our site will be helpful if you make a picture of the possibilities of drying, transport and storage of grain, about the possibilities and parameters supplied by us technology. Also we continually introduce innovations in the menu, realized buildings and actual events and exhibitions where we can meet.

Silo Jesenice

Realization year 2010, MFS S48-8 silo, average 14,62 m

ZOD Předslavice (Čepřovice)

Ind Stage, realization 2017, grain dryer NECO 1690, transport routes

Ist Stage realization 2013, 2x grain silo, diameter 10,7 m, V – 1100 t / silo 1x funnel silo, transport routes, grain purifier (100t / hour pretreatment, 50t / hour cleaning)

ZOD Podhradí-Choustník, (Budislav)

1st stage 2014 – grain dryer NECO 1690, HUTCHINSON 6 “grain pump, PVT1020 grain cleaner,
2nd Stage Year 2017 – Inside the existing 4 Power Stations delivered and installed MFS Floor-Whole Floor

ZOD Němětice

I. stage, realization 2011 – MFS S36-7, V – 300 t, diameter 10,98 m

II. stage, realization 2015 – 2x MFS S24-22 cereal silo, V – 600 t / silo, diameter 7.31 m + Grain pump HUTCHINSON 6 ”

III. Stage, realization 2017 – second grain pump HUTCHINSON 6 “

ZOD Kluky near Písek

Realization year 2007, MFS S36-7 silo, diameter 10,97 m

Josef Pavlíček, Dobrovice–Libichov

Implementation of 2013, MFS S36-7 silo, diameter 10,97 m, 1x Cordoba grain tank, diameter 8,4 m

NORAGROS, Radomyšl

Realization year 2004, MFS S48-8 silo, diameter 14,63 m
Realization year 2011, 2x CORDOBA Grain Cart, diameter 10,97 m, conveyors, grain cleaner PVT1020


TechAgro 2014

For the first time in the history of the company, we participated in the TechAgro agricultural trade fair at the Brno Exhibition Center.
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