Dryers NECO


Belt Driven Fans – The NECO® multi-blade fan was custom designed to match air output with minimal energy consumption. A belt drive allows us to customize the speed of the fan to match the performance required to dry grain efficiently and fast.

Maximum Drying – The efficient forward curved blades used in the NECO® dryer scoop the air up and propel it through the grain with just the right velocity to provide maximum drying output. Because the NECO® fan was designed to produce high air flow at a low speed, vibration is reduced, meaning longer life expectancy for all components of the dryer.

Eliminates Grain Damage – Efficient screenless duct system eliminates grain damage common with other dryers. In most other dryers, some grain is exposed to the hottest air for long periods. The result is that the grain on the hot side is over dried while that on the cold side is underdried. The NECO® dryer moves all the grain close to, and then away from the hottest air several times during its passage through the dryer. As a result of this unique NECO® duct system, you produce grain of superior quality.

Portable – NECO® dryer is portable with the optional axle kit. This kit allows you to tow the dryer from one site to another. Heavy frame and low center of gravity make towing the NECO® dryer and easy task.

Efficient Burner – Super efficient burner is specifically designed for the NECO<sup>®</sup> dryer. Each burner is test fired at the factory, this testing is your assurance that the burner system is safe and reliable. Its deep blue flame is your guarantee that you are getting every penny‘s worth of value from your fuel. Burners are available in LP and Natural Gas Models. Burner controls are conveniently located for easy adjustment and service.

Electronic Moisture Control – An electronic moisture measuring sensor is located in the grain. Using the same technology as a portable moisture tester, it measures the actual moisture content of the grain as it flows through the dryer. Depending on whether the grain is wetter or dryer than desired it either slows down or speeds up the rate at which grain is discharged from the dryer.

NECO 1690 parameters

NECO 1690 is the most used grain dryer NECO in the EU.

  • modular
  • easy Installation
  • reliable and safe
  • flexible operation
  • fully automatic
  • best humidity control market
  • energy efficient
  • no screens
  • heating medium ecological running on natural gas or propane
  • the possibility of using waste heat e.g. from biogas

Propane economy and distribution of propane (gas)

Heating medium

Part of the supplied technology - grain dryer is a device degassing liquid propane, so there is no need to build the evaporator station.

Distribution of propane (gas)

The pipeline begins at the major closures for regulating the gas pressure reservoirs and ends at the grain dryers. Linking dryer is made flexible discharge hose.

Propane tanks

Liquid propane is stored under pressure in the above-ground tanks. The tanks are cylindrical, pressure, steel containers stored above ground in a horizontal position. Equipment tank is made in accordance with the requirements of the pressure vessel stable – CSN 69 00 10. Each tank is mounted on concrete footings or on panels. Anchoring the tanks in the feet or panels is accomplished with anchor bolts. Tanking is performed hose from the tanker. Grounding tanks and bottling sites is carried out in accordance with CSN 34 and CSN 13 90 33 20 00 – 5–54

Number of propane stations 1
Number of storage tanks at the station 4 pieces (2 pieces)
The total storage capacity about 8400 kg (4 x 2,100 kg)
The volume of containers at the station about 20 m³